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Synopsis: China’s recovery, ECB coronavirus response, and how the pandemic will change the world economy

March 27, 2020

In this episode of Synopsis, OMFIF Subeditor Julie Levy-Abegnoli looks back over the most recent articles published on the OMFIF website, on China's economic recovery, the European Central Bank's coronavirus response, and how the pandemic will reshape the world economy.

Articles and other items referenced:

  1. Resilient China can help lead global recovery 
  2. Time for 'whatever it takes' support for banks:
  3. ECB 'only game in town' - again:
  4. Coronavirus will remould world economy:
  5. FedTalk: Communicating crisis response and the need for coordination:
  6. Global liquidity in the time of coronavirus:
  7. Covid-19: Dispatches from London and Madrid:
  8. Identifying key risks in US credit markets:

Music: Hey Mercy by Pierce Murphy is licensed under an Attribution License.

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